These new digital textbooks will interact with students using VR

Starting next year, new elementary school social and scientific test textbooks will diversify digital textbooks and improve the ability to interact with students.

The Department of Education of Southeast Asia announced on Thursday that it will guide publishers on the direction of digital textbook reorganization and will open a production guidelines meeting next month.

Elementary school social and scientific subjects have changed from state-of-the-art to black textbooks, and textbooks can be diversified. Publishers who pass the test examination as a book textbook can also publish digital textbooks. Social sciences in the 3rd to 4th grades of elementary school will be applied in the new semester next year, and society and science in grades 5-6 will be applied from the new semester in 2023. The examination of digital textbooks for social sciences in the 3rd to 4th grades of elementary school will take place from the end of the year to the beginning of next year, as the study test work is completed and then enters the development of digital textbooks.

The Ministry of Education is looking for improvements that can not only diversify textbooks through the test system, but also increase the learning effect. Publishers have offered to implement the ability to interact with students with digital courses and take classes.

On a test basis multimedia data is provided variously and appropriately to increase the learning effect supplemental and deepening learning materials whether the digital function is properly implemented evaluation questions whether the digital function can be effectively utilized screen configuration or design will be implemented to increase the learning effect with the convenience and aesthetics of the learner.

Science subjects are a big part of the guidance test, which supports a variety of teaching and learning activities that can be interacted with by teachers and students, students and students, and users and content.

Failure to deviate from standards to be published in areas of verification, such as existing books, is pointed out as a limitation. Even though digital textbooks can utilize a variety of multimedia, they have not used “dinosaur sounds”, which are not highly charged. This is why there is an argument that different standards of digital textbooks are needed.

It also enhances improvements after remote during the day. As users increased with remote students, digital teaching was also improved. It reduces the burden of using large amounts of content by not only downloading but also streaming. Various features such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, search, and social media associations were also put in. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content were also developed and supported to be linked separately.

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