Nintendo NES Classic

We'd advise you to get one, but they're all gone.

NES Classic is a simple product. It’s a $60 device that looks and feels exactly like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and it comes pre-loaded with a library of 30 popular video games. It’s extremely simple to set up; all you need are a few extra HDMI and USB ports on your television. What exactly is the problem? As a result of the device’s exceptional value, it is either completely sold out everywhere or only available through resellers for five times the retail price. We’re not sure we’d advocate investing $300 on this, especially given a few problems, like as the controller connections being too short and the fact that you can’t download any extra games, on the system. However, if you must turn to desperate tactics in order to obtain one this holiday season, we will not hold it against you.

Nintendo NES Classic Review

Performance - 8.2
Design - 7.3
Cost - 9.6


8.4/10 Total Points

With the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo's best-known games can be yours for just two dollars apiece. Short controller cables mean you'll have to get closer to the TV than you'd prefer to play the games.


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