Hyundai’s robot can raise its wheels on uneven surfaces

Service robots could benefit from this tech.

All eyes may be on Spot and his fellow Boston Dynamics robots, but Hyundai has its own robotics company, which it acquired earlier this year. Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED), a revolutionary mobility platform revealed by the manufacturer this week, is designed to tackle even the most challenging surfaces and uneven ground.

To overcome the constraints of current indoor and service robots, the company’s Robotics Lab created MobED. Individual power and steering control systems for each of the robot’s wheels allow the robot to rotate in any direction and move in any direction. It also features an eccentric drive system, which allows each wheel to be individually raised or lowered. A look at the video shows it may be used to support delicate items like glass.

When extra stability is required, MobED’s wheelbase can be extended by up to around 25 inches. When confronted with more challenging environments, it may also shrink to a diameter of 17 inches. The platform measures 26 inches long, 23 inches broad, and 13 inches high in total. It is 13 inches high. Four hours of driving time is possible on a single charge with a 2 kWh battery pack.

Hyundai anticipates MobED being used in the movie business, where film crews may attach their equipment to the platform and use it as a platform for filming. Stability is an important consideration in many applications, including deliveries and the like. We’ll get a better look at the robot at CES 2022 in Las Vegas next month. It’s not clear if MobED will be commercialized by the corporation.

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