Twitch is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Four years after the console's launch, Twitch has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Many people believe that the Nintendo Switch lacks an abundance of streaming services when compared to its Sony/Xbox counterpart. The Xbox, for example, includes YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and TwitchTV, as well as the ability to stream directly to Twitch from the console.

While the Switch has had access to YouTube and Hulu for several years, there has been no way to watch Twitch on the handheld.

On November 11, everything changed. The popular handheld can now be used to watch Twitch streams, thanks to the app’s official release on the eShop.

The new app can be found on the console’s eShop by searching “Twitch” – as expected.

It appears to serve only as a place to watch other streams, as it does not include a way to stream from the console itself, unlike the available apps on Xbox and PlayStation.

How to Install Twitch on a Nintendo Switch

  1. Click the eShop logo at the bottom of the home screen on your console.
  2. You’ll see a Search/Browse option in the top-left corner of the eShop; click on it.
  3. Enter “Twitch” and scroll down until you see the listing.
  4. When the app listing opens, click “free download.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the app will appear on your home screen.
  6. After it has downloaded, you can open it, sign in, and enjoy!

TwitchTV on the Switch can be viewed in TV, tabletop, and handheld modes, allowing you to watch streams wherever you choose.


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