Ornn charge allows League player to outrun Malphite ultimate

There are moments in League of Legends when the only choice accessible to you is to simply run faster than the enemy pursuer and book it. The cunning use of their own powers allowed one League member to outrun a charging Malphite.

Earlier today, a Reddit user submitted a video of a League player facing off against an enemy Malphite. Due to Malphite’s overwhelming mid-lane presence, Ornn couldn’t recall his memory. At this point, Malphite started following the Ornn player back to their mid-lane tower.

Finally, the Malphite player tried desperately to catch up with the Ornn player by casting Unstoppable Force (R). That’s right: The Ornn player was rushing away from the Malphite when he or she cast Searing Charge (E) at precisely the same time.

Despite Malphite’s ultimate, the Ornn player’s charge took them just out of range, allowing them to re-engage with their teammates and retreat from the team fight. They walked back to their own squad in order to separate themselves from the now-safe Ornn and their teammates because they had no more gap-closing abilities.


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