Sonia Isaza between boxing, bodybuilding and training

Colombian beauty, fit influencer with sculpted physique. To frame Sonia Isaza – partner of Nerazzurri midfielder Arturo Vidal – just take a leap on Instagram and on her profile, studded with workout videos in the gym. Sweat, fatigue, concentration. The model has made a passion for physical activity a way of life. And you can see the results.

South American born in 1988, “Nia” has taken over the social scene as a sexy trainer with over three million followers. Video tutorials of exercises and breathtaking shots the secrets to drive fans crazy, who appreciate the content published with tens of thousands of likes for each post.

Sonia Isaza is a training professional. His exercises – always impeccable – are almost all high coefficient of difficulty. Squat is the fundamental , it never fails. It is usually done with barbell (and weights not bad) in 3 series of 15 repetitions, with kettlebell but also in “hack” version, which compared to free execution has the advantage of movement assisted by the machine (safer if you have back problems). Leg training does not allow exceptions. The training is targeted and the bodybuilder draws her body thanks to the press (3 series of 20 repetitions), advancement lunges, leg extension and specific work on the calves (usually standing, with barbell on the shoulders, to contract gastrocnemium and plantar to the maximum).

Never neglected the focus on femorals, solicited with specific machines and in three series (20-15-15 repetitions, with load to rise) or slipping with fitball, in a movement that stimulates propriocetion by insisting on the stability of the core.

Little is known about Sonia, but looking at her photos does not go unnoticed the perfect abdomen. It is not built in a day, it is better to specify it. We need constancy and above all it is important to vary the movements to work on the muscles in a different way. Among the favorite tools are the medical ball and the Ab wheel (the wheel, which enters the scene in sliding exercises useful to keep the entire abdominal area in contraction).

There are also classics such as plank, preferred in dynamic and alternative variants (with legs for example resting on fitball in the starting position, to advance in closing) and the crunch, usually “loaded” with discs or dumbbells to make the action more tiring. Space then for isometric exercises with lifting of the legs and trunk. The number “chosen” is always the 3 – on which you set all series with variable repetitions – and for a greater and targeted work are sometimes used ballast for ankles.

Sonia Isaza enjoys showing off in her workouts. For the dorsals there are trations at the bar (with counterweight), series to the lat machine or to the pulley and rower. For the shoulders, prefer front, side (also seated, bench) and ninety degrees, while the focus shifts to arms (and triceps in particular) thanks to dips (with hands resting on the bench), push-down and a precise kickback with handlebars. A lot of attention also to exercises such as push-ups (practiced in different variants) and hyperextension, without forgetting cardio in a… Alternative. What? With boxing, useful to burn calories and strengthen the muscles of an already statuesque physique.

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