S Pen: let’s discover this technology from Samsung

What are the characteristics and advantages of S Pen?

S Pen is an exclusive technology of Samsung, an iconic brand in the world of technology that pays a particular interest in smartphones.

This technology is certainly very interesting not only for the functions it can guarantee, but also because there are no similar alternatives among competitors, or at least that have similar functional characteristics.

So let’s not hesitate and discover Samsung’s S Pen.

As you can guess from the name, Samsung’s S Pen is basically a pen, very similar to the traditional pen even in its appearance.

For this pen, the manufacturer provided for “accommodation” directly in the structure of the smartphone, as a result this small device is destined to disappear altogether at the moment when it is not used, and this is definitely a strength.

S Pen technology, it is useful to point out, is a prerogative of the Note series, a line of Samsung smartphones that boasts advanced features regarding screen use such as a paper block notes.

In describing the S Pen it is necessary to dwell first of all on her on-screen writing performances: this electronic pen, in fact, has nothing to do with screen pens discreetly spread a decade ago.

While those tech pens were limited to drawing a digital mark as they came into contact with the screen, the S Pen goes much further and makes traits remarkably similar to those of a real pen.

As we know, the depth and thickness of a stroke performed on paper depends on the pressure we exert with our fingers, and the same is true with the S Pen: with this instrument, therefore, the display becomes a notebook in all respects.

The notes produced, of course, can later be saved, shared and managed in countless different ways.

As you can guess, the S Pen is much more than a tool with which to write on the screen: this small element, in fact, offers several interesting features, also in view of the fact that its most advanced variants, present in all the most modern models of this manufacturer, provide bluetooth connectivity that therefore allows you to manage the pen without necessarily being in the immediate vicinity of the smartphone.

This, of course, requires pen-specific charging operations, but these are easy and absolutely quick.

One of the most appreciated functions of the S Pen is the possibility to take photos without having to touch any command on your smartphone: just press the appropriate electronic pen button to take the photo, a very useful function for selfies, as well as for group photos.

This feature is always very popular with users, and it is also to his credit that specialized portals such as ChimeraRevo have included the “prince” of Samsung’s Note line, namely Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, in the guide dedicated to choosing the best smartphone for photography.

Taking photos is not the only function that can be performed with the S Pen: using this appendix of the smartphone, in fact, you can browse galleries, you can start Apps (in this regard different specific settings are available), without neglecting creative functions, such as those related to video editing.

It is useful to note that graphical notes can be converted to digital textual content and can thus be transformed into Word documents.

The potential of this technology, therefore, is considerable, and they know how to be useful especially for those who use the smartphone for work, or in any case for needs that go beyond common personal use.

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