New details emerge of the Tiger Woods accident

As data is recovered from the black box of his vehicle, the press has already begun speculating different theories behind the crash.

Nearly a month after Tiger Woods’ car accident, the investigation is still ongoing and attempts are made to clarify what happened the moment the famous golfer got off the road and ended up with significant leg injuries. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office continues to examine the van, crash site, and many other evidence.

As police sources confirmed to the TMZ news portal, Woods would not have stepped on the brakes or lifted his foot off the accelerator at the time of this brutal crash that left him hospitalized for a few days at Harbour UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles.

This information holds that the 45-year-old golfer never hit the brakes when he got off the road, and there’s also no evidence that he stopped stepping on the accelerator.

While data is still being retrieved from the black box of its SUV Genesis GV80 model 2021 truck, which could reaffirm or squander this theory, so far researchers argue that Woods did nothing to prevent the accident once he lost control of the vehicle. That is, he failed to react when he got off the road, hit a tree and take several turns.

This conclusion reached by people who have direct knowledge of the case is the product of the analysis of several videos, from the time he left the hotel where he began his journey to the surveillance cameras of the road that the winner of 15 Majors traveled.

The contribution of your vehicle’s technology, which has a device that stores data that can reconstruct what happened, such as the speed at which it was going before impact and whether or not the driver pressed the brake or throttle, will be vital.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is already recovering from the injuries and surgeries he underwent at home. “Happy to report that I return home and continue with my recovery. I am very grateful for the support I have received in recent weeks. Thanks to the incredible surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical staff,” PGA Tour’s former number 1 noted in a statement posted on their social media.

His recovery will be long, as he had several injuries: exposed fractures in the tibia and fibula of the right leg, as well as additional wounds to the bones of the foot and ankle.

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