McGregor’s fur coat angers PETA

The man who is a symbol of mixed martial arts bragged about the two mink garments bought for $135,000 by Gucci. The animal welfare organization: “Hand over the furs to us, the mink slaughtered to make them paid a higher price”. Respond?

Conor McGregor is like this: a man of excesses who makes you side with, or stay with him or against. Waiting for her return to the ottagon in the second list there are a lot of people, and the new entry is peta. What does the world’s largest animal welfare organization and the man-symbol of mixed martial arts have to do with it? It all goes back a week, when McGregor posted on Instagram to brag about his mink furs bought in New York by Gucci.

One totally white with a tiger embroidered inside, the other with a dragon to wrap it all, cost respectively 55 thousand and 80 thousand dollars and made to do for two very special occasions: the first for the weight ceremony before the fight against Eddie Alvarez in 2016, which he would then win becoming simultaneously featherweight and light weight champion; the other to present himself, bare-chested and with pink pants (a look that seems to be evened by Doflamingo, famous comic book villain of One Piece), at the boxing match with Mayweather. McGregor added that they are both unique garments, even rarer and inimitable since Gucci has stopped making animal skins, and that he has a special cold room to store them well and leave them to his children. Open up heaven.

Peta made herself heard with a letter inviting the Irish champion to give them furs and join the wide array of “fur free” stars. “To fur animals — it reads — no one has ever given a chance to fight. They are confined to narrow cages, treated against nature before being strangled, gassed, killed with electric shocks, skinned even alive. No matter how much you paid her furs, the mink slaughtered to make them paid a higher price.” Should McGregor respond to the appeal, Peta would use furs for their animal skin campaigns, give them to war refugees or stray animals as bedding for sleep.

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