iPhone resurgence of Touch ID? Apple speeds up development of touch display sensors

Apple is speeding up developments to revive touch IDs on iPhones.

Major foreign edicts such as McLumus reported on Thursday (local time) that Apple is developing a built-in fingerprint sensor for the display that will be installed on the iPhone 13 (adm. 13) this year.

Apple’s patent, published, deals with how to improve existing optical fingerprint recognition using ‘reflected light’.

According to the patent, the sensor system can capture the limelight away from the existing axis. The light is blocked, which alleviates the problem of waves propagating, which increases fingerprint recognition.

Apple explained that the sensor is “a way to keep the sensor size small while improving fingerprint image contrast.”

Conventional optical fingerprint recognition is a method of measuring the degree of reflection of light according to the fingerprint surface bending using light. Separate fingerprints through two-dimensional (2D) images as if you were taking a picture. The recognition speed is fast and durable, but there is a disadvantage that the recognition rate is low.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Apple will apply an “optical hybrid sensor” to take advantage of optical sensors and compensate for the disadvantages.

Apple is reportedly currently working on a variety of touchID technologies with built-in displays, including ultrasonic methods. The industry is analyzing that Apple is developing a system that can build sensors on the screen, ultimately minimizing or eliminating ‘notches’.

For Galaxy users, the familiar ‘Indisplay fingerprint recognition sensor’ is being used as standard on modern Android smartphones. Samsung also provides face recognition and screen fingerprint sensors for the flagship S series as well as some entry-end A series.

With the COVID-19 pandemic always wearing a mask, iPhone users will find it more useful when the TouchID returns. The industry expects Apple to release an iPhone with “dual biometrics” in the coming days.

Opinions are eddy about the exact time of introduction. Analysts at Uk investment bank Barclays predicted it was likely to be introduced in the iPhone 13 (a potential) this year. On the other hand, TF International Securities MingQiguo Analyst, known as Apple Professional Analyst, said he expected the iPhone to be introduced only in 2023.

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