Yandere Freak, a TikTok cosplayer, has been charged with manslaughter.

The TikTok cosplayer, who has 1.6 million followers, was arrested in January after a friend was killed in a shooting.

Yandere Freak, a popular TikTokker, and cosplayer, faces manslaughter charges after their apparent involvement in a shooting that killed a friend of theirs. Yandere Freak, real name Mary Anne Oliver-Snow, has also been chastised for posting on TikTok after the event and while on trial.

Following backlash over their decision to continue posting after the victim’s death, their account has now been made private. According to Dexerto, among the most popular comments on their videos were: “What a huge slap in the face to the families of the victims to be posting like this.”

According to police, the incident occurred while Snow and some friends were playing with a gun owned by an ex-boyfriend. According to their version of events, Snow believed the weapon was empty because the boyfriend had taken all of the ammunition when he moved out. Snow, who described themselves as “pretty drunk,” was watching Gotham on TV when they told their friends they “had a gun like Penguin.” A friend reportedly said “oh shoot me” as a joke while playing with it, which Snow did not expect to work. Snow claims they have no idea how the gun was loaded.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on January 17, and Snow issued a statement the following day. On January 21, they announced a break from TikTok, but on February 10, they resumed posting cosplay videos. Details about a friend’s death and manslaughter charges were only revealed this week, with Snow continuing to post on TikTok as usual.

Snow appears to have been well-known in the TikTok cosplay community for some time, most notably under the handle Snowthesaltqueen. They were previously chastised for holding a cosplay photoshoot in a cemetery.

The first hearing, scheduled for October 21, will involve the exchange of evidence. Snow is currently out on bail while awaiting trial.


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