Matthew McConaughey between movies, diet and… dance! The Secrets of His Star Physique

A lean, but muscular physique that can show without filters and without a t-shirt. Matthew McConaughey handsome and loved. The actor has a cult for the body. And his 10% body fat is proof of that. But how do you keep the divo in shape? She trains 7 days a week not only in the gym: she loves outdoor sports, beach runs, long bike rides, free melee exercises at the park, swimming and paddle. The images often send him back on sea-view routes in Malibu, California. At aerobics, however, he combines muscle strengthening exercises: his favorites seem to be crunch and push up, so abdomen and pectorals thank you. And he never forgets stretching.

His training was developed by Gunnar Peterson, a famous Hollywood celebrity trainer. McConaughey moves with exercises that mix cardio and muscle enhancement. The circuits are short, 15-20 minutes, but affect all muscle groups, stimulate metabolism, engage the brain by concentration and attention. The peculiarity? “A well-researched training – explains Milane Taboada, massotherapist and trainer – with stations to be done on the ground or standing, with the use of different types of tools or free-body. The alternation of aerobic enhancement and training exercises, allows you to also train resistance and then be able to apply it to any type of sport. You have an intense, effective and fun work, a perfect mix for the well-being and functionality of the whole body”.

Or superseries training is the one applied by the actor, but reserved only for those who have a base of preparation and want to achieve results in a short time. For the movie “Dallas Bayers Club” in which his goal was to lose 50 kilos and burn 1800 calories a day, as well as a strict diet, the actor trained with this scheme. “A superset is an advanced technique and consists of performing 2 exercises one after the other with pause at the end of the second. You can combine exercises for the same group or for different muscle groups – explains Massimo Pirola, personal trainer -. When used correctly, the superset allows you to reduce the total duration of a workout without affecting performance.”

“How to organize? The help of a trainer is fundamental to set up training, but if there is no possibility, well use supersets with exercises for muscle groups that do not interfere with each other. Performing supersets with 2 exercises for the same muscle group is possible, but not for beginners and should be carefully studied within your own program. Superset workouts increase strength, heart system functioning, reduce the chances of injury, and increase muscle mass. It is important to vary the exercises, not always perform the same schemes on a daily basis”.

And to make up for it, here’s the dance. Do not twist your nose, such hard workouts can, at times, create problems. Macho Matthew makes up for it with dance. The choice has its own reason, as the actor himself explained: “You must never give up: the muscles must always be kept in training. You struggle to gain the shape, but you lose it with ease.” And if he says it, everyone should believe him.


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